Cross-border E-commerce Credible Transaction Security-system

During the cross-border e-commerce transactions, both parties are eager to obtain more information of each other to ensure the safety of business.

Management service of credit information of cross-border e-business companies is based on government supervision information and combined with social resources, to build a data warehouse of cross-border e-commerce companies’ credit information, for the enquiries of public and foreign buyers, and to provide early warnings and exposure of dishonored behaviors.

EBS has partnered with Shenzhen Public Credit Center, Alibaba group and some other famous e-commerce platforms in credit information field.

Up to now, our data includes:

  • The credit information of 65 government institutions or companies of Shenzhen;
  • The basic and commodity information of cross-border e-business companies;
  • The transaction certificate information of electronic contracts, payment information, logistics information etc.;
  • Information of online dispute resolutions.

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