Cross-border E-commerce Credible Transaction Security-system

Service of End-to-end Process of Online Dispute Resolution for Cross-border E-commerce (or "ODR" for short), is to resolve cross-border e-commerce transaction disputes effectively, based on the study of domestic and foreign policies and regulations and in-depth market research, followed the industrial standards, combined with domestic and foreign ADR and ODR institutions and authoritative experts and lawyers in e-commerce field, using the technologies of information and communication. This will be a one-stop online service for legal consulting, consumer complaints, dispute reconciliation, mediation and arbitration for cross-border e-commerce companies and consumers.

EBS ODR Flow Chart for Cross-border E-commerce

ODR service is including:

A. Online legal consulting

We provide online legal advisory service for transaction disputes for consumers and Cross-border E-commerce suppliers;

B. Online complaint filing and legal rights protection

We provide online services for complaint filing and processing for domestic and foreign consumers, cross-border e-commerce companies registered or authenticated by EBS, and member companies of foreign ADR/ODR organizations who cooperated with EBS;

C. Online dispute mediation & arbitration

We provide online legal guidance and consultations for both parties involved, as well as effective online mediation and arbitration services;

D. Regular publication of consumption guidance&early warnings

We regularly publish consumption guidance and early warnings, and provide online announcement on companies’ credit information;

E. Evaluation of dispute resolution

Based on real complaint cases, we evaluate online the disputes processing of cross-border e-commerce companies, consumers and ODR lawyers, to accumulate their credit information.

Consumers will be able to benefit from the ODR services as below:

  • Quick and effective dispute process and resolution to protect legitimate rights and interests of consumers;
  • Consumption guidance and warning to guide consumers to rational consumption and legal rights protection.

Companies will be able to benefit from the ODR services as below:

  • ODR electronic labeling displayed online to enhance credibility;
  • Quick and effective dispute resolution to reduce after-sales cost;
  • Third party after-sales dispute resolution system to enhance quality of company services.

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